Transit Media

Transit advertising is the source of promoting a product, service or idea; consisting of posters placed inside or on vehicles like bus, car, and train etc., and in transit stations like bus shelter, train and air terminals. Creative Advertising concepts work with local transit systems and private felt services in building added revenue and producing programs through advertising. Transit advertising includes displays on buses, transit benches, shelters, or any transportation mode that consumers use to travel during the course of a day.

Mobile Display Vans

SP Advertising Agency Mobile van advertising falls under transit advertising, where vehicles are used for promoting brand and services. SP Advertising Agency Mobile vans are vehicles that come with installments to put up hoardings and banners. They are specifically designed to fulfill the dual purpose of transportation and advertising. SP Advertising Agency Mobile vans move across the city or designated locations with full-fledged ad banners on them. They can also be parked at specific sites to gain maximum visibility and awareness. SP Advertising Agency mobile vans can hold live demonstrations, sampling and contest to engage consumers. They can also be used as mobile kiosks.  Mobile van branding, as the name suggests, involves advertising a product or a service with the help of a van that roams around the intended areas, or stations itself in the catchment region.Traditionally, SP Advertising agency mobile van advertising involved showcasing banners of the concerning product or service. Today, van advertising or outdoor advertising comprises advertising the brand on a high-end technology LED display screen. A mobile van roaming across the city or through the target areas fosters curiosity among the watchers.

SP Advertising Agency

Bus branding 

SP Advertising Agency is one of the affordable Bus Branding & Bus Advertising Agency in Bangalore and Karnataka. SP Advertising Agency provide Best Bus Advertising, Full Bus Branding, Bus Back Panel Advertising, cab/taxi branding Advertising, Volvo bus branding,, city bus branding and even Bangalore metro branding Advertising etc. All these Best Bus, cab/taxi, city metro and Volvo bus services we provide in affordable costs/rates for Bangalore & Karnataka.

Bus Advertising in Bangalore is what you need if you want to reach just about everyone. Buses circulating in the busiest areas of major metropolitan cities, bus advertising offers exposure to local commuters, drivers and pedestrians. Thanks to Bangalore traffic jams, a modern customer spend as much time, if not more, in their cars as they do watching television or reading newspapers or browsing the web. If you’ve got a brand, and want to take it to the next level, choose SP Advertising Agency, the best bus advertising agency in Bangalore & Karnataka. SP Advertising Agency bus advertisement strategies, services, and bus ad campaigns help you create a more extensive outreach for your brand and enable you to take your brand to every prominent street of the city. 

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Auto branding

An auto is one of the most found vehicles of public transport which makes it perfect for an advertisement. In order to offer services of SP Advertising Agency Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Karnataka & Bangalore, make use a variety of different forms of ads. Mostly, we use posters because they are easy to paste on autos and also take a lot less time to makes Advertising Agency Auto Advertising is one of the most popular advertising mediums in Bangalore& Karnataka. SP Advertising Agency Auto rickshaws travel to various parts of the city, and in fact, to the narrowest of lanes and streets across the city. It takes your brand to each and every area of the city, thereby increasing your outreach, and therefore also the number of sales opportunities in the long run. Now,. Auto rickshaws constitute an essential part of Bangalore & Karnataka public transport infrastructure. The presence of over 1 lakh auto rickshaws across the city makes auto advertising Indore a significant activity on the advertising agenda of companies looking forwarding to expanding their brand presence in the city.

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Cars & Cab Advertising 

Cars, or cabs, are an essential part of city life. The emergence of the middle class in India contributed to the number of cars we see on the streets of the country. So, something that people see so frequently across the city transforms into an opportunity to advertise, and reach a larger number of people. It is this reason that cab branding constitutes a critical element of advertising and brand promotion. Cabs reach every part of the city and create a broader outreach for your product or service. They help you reach almost every household, and every individual in the city, and therefore create better and sustainable sales and marketing opportunities for brands in the targeted region of the city. But, all of it is possible only when you select the right media company, and the right name is SP Advertising Agency! SP Advertising Agency doesn’t limit our expertise to cab advertising services, but extend it to working as the advertising strategists of our clients. 

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