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SP Advertising Agency is a multi-disciplinary design firm, proficient in nurturing brands throughout their journey, right from the conceptualization of great ideas to their execution and continued sustenance’s Advertising Agency dynamic 360-degree approach combined with our in-house expertise enables us to catalyze brands and businesses across industry verticals.

SP Advertising Agency have worked with segments like FMCG, fashion, finance, F&B, retail, automotive, engineering, electronics, e-commerce, consumer goods, lifestyle, hospitality, and more. Our love for innovative and ingenious design helps brands break the clutter and capture the mindshare of an increasingly distracted audience.

SP Advertising Agency endgame is to tell the world your brand's story by blending functional design with contextual, customer-centric innovation. With a deep understanding of global design trends and a methodical multi-disciplinary approach, SP Advertising Agency creates experiences that endure beyond results.

SP Advertising Agency a complete Creative and Digital Design Agency based in Bangalore & Karnataka. SP Advertising Agency has an outstanding reputation for quality, bespoke designs across all digital and printed media.

  • • Design Disciplines
  • • Graphic Design
  • • Product Packaging
  • • Web Design
  • • Advertising campaigns and more

    • SP Advertising Agency Design Strategize

      • • Design Research
      • • Product/Service Strategy
      • • Facilitated Workshops
      • • Design Sprints
      • • North Stars
      • • Product Roadmap
      • • Stakeholder Alignment

Creative Plus now is an energetic, fresh and vibrant team offering creative talent, vast experience and extremely high standards. Our gamut of work covers healthcare in general and corporate communication. SP Advertising Agency offers an integrated mix of communication design that will make your brand stand out and be talked about. Moreover, make meaningful communication cost effectively.

Our name reflects our less-is-more design style, but also our refreshingly down to earth and plain language approach to projects. We’re commercially focused and have a proven track record of delivering value to and increasing the profitability of our clients.

SP Advertising Agency Execute

  • • Minimum Viable Product
  • • Service Design
  • • Digital Product Design
  • • Visual Design
  • • Web Design
  • • Branding & Graphic Design

    • SP Advertising Agency Optimize

      • • User Testing
      • • Design Language Systems
      • • Design and Process Training
      • • Design Operations
      • • Staff Augmentation
      • • Hiring
      • • Consulting


1. Large Format Outdoor Printing

Billboards, Building Wraps, Banners, Bus Shelters, Gate Arches, Trade show Graphics
Large format printing solutions for outdoor graphics play an important role in your advertising campaign and an extremely creative billboard can lose its charm if it is not printed and executed properly.

2. Large Format Indoor Printing

In-store & Window Graphics, Environmental Graphics, Floor Graphics, POS
In-door communications in-store or an office are important for your branding and our OEM printing machines produce high-resolution graphics with ultra modern technology for prints of highest quality.

3. Fleet Graphics

Bus, Metro Trains, Vans, Trucks, Cabs, Autos
Large format printing for fleet graphics that are weather-proof, durable, and attractive that can be effectively used on all kinds of vehicles, both inside and outside. 

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